Est. 1985 currently residing in rural Pennsylvania on the fringe of Appalachia and civilization.  I come from a place that you wouldn't really associate with art, tech, or any sort of design philosophy, yet here I am.
 I'm a passionate artist and creative mind that takes pleasure in thinking on my feet and delivering work that I a
m proud of. I've been doing professional work in various forms since I was a teenager, and I'm always looking for a new opportunity or new challenge to tackle.
 No matter what it may be, from drawing on napkins, video production, editing, 3D animation, rendering, or the heart of my illustration and design work. I just like to make cool stuff. I like to be part of things that impress.  I always aim to impress.
 I'm constantly pushing myself to learn and taking cues from those who came before me and the many artists and creators that influence me to do things the right way. There is no shortcut for hard work. There is no substitute for time.
Never be afraid to reach out, my inbox is always open.
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